TrueNAS CORE server build

Following Guide to ₿itcoin & Lightning️ on FreeNAS / TrueNAS from @set586

FreeNAS became TrueNAS CORE


CORE Hardware Guide


Chose an affordable HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 microserver

User Guide

up to 32 GB ECC RAM 120GB SSD to boot 6 x 1 TB SSD for storage

Redundant disks

TrueNAS uses ZFS. Recommended type: RAID-Z2 (Double parity with variable stripe width) ZFS / RAIDZ Capacity Calculator You can’t add drives to a volume once its setup, however you can replace drives with larger drives. 6 drives in RAIDZ2 (more than 50% of additive capacity) 4 drives in RAIDZ2 (less than 50% of additive capacity)

Drive connectors:

  • 1 can boot from USB (SSD with a USB to SATA adapter)
  • 2 x onboard SATA
  • 4 x onboard SATA controller -> hotplug cage
  • + optional SAS card / HBA (2x4 SATA connector=8)

max 6 without SATA card (+ USB) max 14 (+ USB)

Physical drives

  • 4 or 8 in hotplug cage
  • 6*2 2.5” or (2*2 2.5”+ 2*1 3.5”) in 5.25 Optical Bay Drive Slot Case Adapter

max 20 2.5” or 12 2.5” + 2 3.5”


  • 4 onboard SATA -> 4 2.5” adapter in LFF hotplug cage
  • 2 onboard SATA
  • 2 from SATA card -> 4 2.5”
  • 2 from SATA card -> 2 3.5”

10 disks

Mirrored boot drives:

Could benefit from a RAID card:

RAID 1 configurations can tolerate one drive failure. If one physical drive in a RAID 1 configuration fails, the RAID volume is still intact as a degraded RAID 1.

Harware notes

B120i is just software RAID B120i User guide

Use the onboard SAS adapter (4 SATA connections) or choose a reputable HBA:

In BIOS setup System Options, SATA Controller Options, Embedded SATA Configuration, Enable SATA AHCI support

The embedded storage controller supports SATA drive installation only. For SAS drive installation, install a Smart Array card and a Mini-SAS cable option kit. Optional Smart Array controllers support both SATA and SAS drives.

Beware! The two system fans are custom, and cannot be replaced with standard ones. A dead fan will prevent your system from even booting! So as you get it, better take a couple spares on the ebay/aliexpress ecc


  • does the onboard SATA controller work together with the B120i?
  • can the B120i be used to boot?

Hardware debug

POST debug flowchart from

HP ProLiant Servers Troubleshooting Guide

Redundant power


APC UPS config

Dual power supply

Can be connected to 2 UPS-es, the second backed by a large battery or generator

Redundant network

E.g broadband + 4G * router level (1 NIC) * dual router (2 NICs) The router + modem needs to be connected to the UPS as well.

Setting up TrueNAS

Encryption Keys for data-at-rest are managed on the local TrueNAS system.

DebianVM: set VNC to 800x600:

fix boot:

Fix GUI desktop: