Snapshot and mount a datadisk

Create the snapshot, clone and mount

# create snapshot of /mnt/hdd - datadisk/hdd@hdd-snapshot
sudo zfs snap datadisk/hdd@hdd-snapshot
# display snapshots
zfs list -t snap
# clone snapshot (datadisk/hdd/hdd-snapshot-clone)
sudo zfs clone datadisk/hdd@hdd-snapshot datadisk/hdd/hdd-snapshot-clone
# see if mounted
zfs list

Copy over the network

on the remote computer

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/hdd/fulcrum_db
sudo chown admin:admin /mnt/hdd/fulcrum_db

on the source computer

sudo scp -r /mnt/hdd/hdd-snapshot-clone/app-storage/fulcrum/db admin@$REMOTE_IP:/mnt/hdd/fulcrum_db/

on the remote computer once finished

sudo mv /mnt/hdd/app-storage/fulcrum/db /mnt/hdd/app-storage/fulcrum/db-corrupt sudo mv /mnt/hdd/fulcrum_db/db /mnt/hdd/app-storage/fulcrum/ sudo chown -R fulcrum:fulcrum /mnt/hdd/app-storage/fulcrum/db sudo rm -rf /mnt/hdd/fulcrum_db


zfs list
# destroy the clone filesystem
sudo zfs destroy datadisk/hdd/hdd-snapshot-clone
# destroy the snapshot
sudo zfs destroy datadisk/hdd@hdd-snapshot
zfs list