Install BTCPayServer on the RaspiBlitz

Run BTCPayServer on your RaspiBlitz using the already synced bitcoin blockchain and local LND node. Benefit from the backup and security features of the RaspiBlitz and LND.
No added synchronization needed.


  • a domain name or dynamic DNS
  • the ports 80, 443 and 9735 forwarded on the router to the RaspiBlitz LAN IP

Tested on:

  • RaspiBlitz v1.3
  • RPi4 4GB (2GB RAM is sufficient)

Automated Script

The BTCPay Server installation will be part of the next RaspiBlitz release. To try it on your node follow the instructions:

  • BTCpayServer, NBXplorer and the .NET Core is confined to the user btcpay.
  • The BTCPay data and store settings are stored on the HDD /mnt/hdd/.btcpayserver and recoverable on a reinstall / SDcard update.
  • Sets up a Tor Hidden Service if Tor is active
  • Gives an option to use only the Tor Hidden Service and a self-signed certificate to be used without a clearnet domain
  • to change the BTCpay domain or update run the most recent script again

Setting up BTCPayServer

  • Go to your domain
  • Register the first (administrator) account
  • Create a Store
  • In Store settings set up the derivation scheme (add an xpub from a secure/hardware wallet)
  • Set up LN with the connection string:

  • Find more detailed info on

Getting help

The setup has multiple components and dependencies which can change when updated or modified by the maintainers.