Set up the RaspiBlitz for remote connections with ZeroTier

ZeroTier is a VPN service which is an easy option to connect remotely when neither port forwarding nor using Tor is possible (e.g. iOS on a remote network)

The drawback is that it requires installing a trusted (open-source) package which gives access to your private network.

Steps to install:

  • Create a account and a network

  • Go to and register. Use a STRONG PASSWORD as anyone with your credentials will have access to your private network.

  • Click Create a network then record your Network ID.
  • Install ZeroTier on the RaspiBlitz (more details on
    $ curl -s '' | gpg --import && \
    if z=$(curl -s '' | gpg); then echo "$z" | sudo bash; fi
  • Then run:

    $ sudo zerotier-cli join [the network ID you previously recorded]

  • Install ZeroTier on your other devices: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Use the same network ID you recorded before.
  • Open Networks menu and accept the new devices pending approval.

  • On the Raspiblitz modify the lnd.conf manually:
    $ sudo nano /mnt/hdd/lnd/lnd.conf

    add the line:


    CTRL+O and ENTER to save, CTRL+X to exit

    Restart LND and unlock:
    $ sudo systemctl restart lnd
    $ lncli unlock

  • Renew the TLS certificates either from the EXPORT menu or run:
    $ ./config.scripts/

After setting up and activating ZeroTier on my Android phone successfully tested:

  • ZeusLN using the IP 172.x.x.x and port 8080
  • RTL from the outside on my 172.x.x.x:3000 address
  • Termius to connect with ssh to admin@172.x.x.x

  • To uninstall run:
      $ sudo systemctl stop zerotier-one
      $ sudo apt remove zerotier-one
      $ sudo rm -r /var/lib/zerotier-one

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