Configure a Tor Hidden Service for Electrs

Tor needs to be active on the RaspiBlitz to use this method.
No port forwarding or dynamicDNS required.

Activate the Hidden Service in the RaspiBlitz terminal

  • Open the Tor configuration file:
    $ sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc

  • Insert the lines:
      # Hidden Service v3 for the Electrum desktop
      HiddenServiceDir /mnt/hdd/tor/electrs
      HiddenServiceVersion 3
      HiddenServicePort 50002
  • Restart Tor:
    $ sudo systemctl restart tor

  • Take note of the Tor address:
    $ sudo cat /mnt/hdd/tor/electrs/hostname

Connect the Electrum wallet

On a Linux PC

  • Start electrum with the Tor Browser open (proxy on port 9150):
    $ electrum --oneserver --server Tor_address.onion:50002:s --proxy socks5:

  • With Tor installed and running (proxy on port 9050):
    $ electrum --oneserver --server Tor_address.onion:50002:s --proxy socks5:

Windows instructions:

Check for the blue dot when finished:

electrum behind Tor

Electrum wallet on Android

  • Open Orbot
  • Add Electrum to the Tor-Enabled Apps
  • Start Electrum from Orbot
  • In Electrum tap the dots in the right upper corner and select Network
  • Switch One-server mode: ON
  • In the Server: settings:
    • Fill the Host: with the .onion address
    • Set the Port: to 50002 and press OK
  • In the Proxy: settings set:
    • Proxy mode socks5
    • Host
    • Port 9050 and press OK
  • Now should see the Status; 1 connections. on the top

Note: if the Android Electrum wallet does not connect it worth trying to switch to a HiddenServiceVersion 2

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