WARNING: Zap iOS is unmaintained, use desktop or Android version. Zeus works on iOS.

Connect Zap over Tor to the RaspiBlitz

Use the MOBILE menu on the RaspiBlitz for QR codes on the display and/or in the terminal.

Manual process

Create the Hidden Service:

  • In the RaspiBlitz terminal:

    $ sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc

  • paste on the end of the file
      HiddenServiceDir /mnt/hdd/tor/lnd_REST/
      HiddenServiceVersion 3
      HiddenServicePort 8080

    Save (Ctrl+O, ENTER) and exit (Ctrl+X)

    If you want to use a different port:

      HiddenServicePort THIS_CAN_BE_ANY_PORT
  • Restart Tor:

    $ sudo systemctl restart tor

  • Take note of the HIDDEN_SERVICE_ADDRESS.onion:

    $ sudo cat /mnt/hdd/tor/lnd_REST/hostname

    example output:


Install lndconnect

  • Install Go and the latest lndconnect manually:

      # check if  Go is installed (should be v1.11 or higher):  
      go version 
      # If need to install Go, run these:
      wget https://storage.googleapis.com/golang/go1.13.linux-armv6l.tar.gz
      sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.13.linux-armv6l.tar.gz
      sudo rm *.gz
      sudo mkdir /usr/local/gocode
      sudo chmod 777 /usr/local/gocode
      export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
      export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin
      export GOPATH=/usr/local/gocode
      export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin
      # make the path persist
      sudo bash -c "echo 'PATH=\$PATH:/usr/local/gocode/bin/' >> /etc/profile"
      # Install lndconnect from source:
      go get -d github.com/LN-Zap/lndconnect
      cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/LN-Zap/lndconnect

Generate the lndconnect string

  • Run lndconnect with the HIDDEN_SERVICE_ADDRESS.onion filled in:
    lndconnect --host=HIDDEN_SERVICE_ADDRESS.onion --port=8080 --nocert

    lndconnect --host=32zzibxmqi2ybxpqyggwwuwz7a3lbvtzoloti7cxoevyvijexvgsfeid.onion --port=8080 --nocert

    Maximise the window and reduce the text size to fit the screen.
    Use CTRL + - or the middle mouse wheel on Windows.

  • Alternatively run lndconnect with the -j option to display the text string:
    lndconnect --host=HIDDEN_SERVICE_ADDRESS.onion --port=8080 --nocert -j

    The correct string format is:


Connect Zap through Tor

  • Scan the QR code with your Tor enabled Zap


  • Share the string to your phone in an encrypted chat message to yourself and paste the string into Zap

  • Enjoy your private and encrypted remote connection!